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Here we come!

Monday, March 28 at 14 at the stand of the Association of Illustrators (Pad.25, A181) we will present the new edition of the contest for illustrators Tapirulan. Do not miss it, because there could be the presence of the new president of the jury ...



Prize-giving ceremony and exhibition opening

After many frantic days, yesterday afternoon finally came the day of the exhibition "Siesta", featuring the 40 works selected as a result of the competition for illustrators Calendario Duemila11. On the same day another exhibition called "Eulogy of laziness" by Guido Scarabottolo opened. This year as well we had an amazing audience participation and lots of illustrators coming from all over Italy and beyond ... For the first time the Jury's Prize goes to an author who is not Italian: Mr. João Vaz de Carvalho from Portugal, who honored us with his presence after facing a long journey. The Popular Prize goes to Elena Di Palma (2nd place Sara Donati and 3rd place Francesco Zito). We do hope that the siesta kit (consisting of calendar, catalog and a pillow) made everybody spend a calm and relaxing afternoon. We want to congratulate to the two winners and thank immensely Mr. Guido Scarabottolo for joining the exhibition, for supporting our project with his positive availability. As soon as possible we will put online the photos of the exhibition (anyone can send his own), but in the meantime, this space remains available for you. Please tell us your impressions. Thanks!


The time for voting illustrations for the "Premio popolare" is over now and the appointment is getting closer... Our entire staff is involved in the preparation of the two exhibitions: first one is "Siesta", featuring best works selected by the jury; second is exhibition is "Eolgio della pigrizia" (Eulogy of laziness) by Guido Scarabottolo. Everyone is invited in Cremona to join this this big event that aims to bring together many fans of this wonderful art. During the inauguration of the exhibition the winners of the contest will be awarded. But there will be small gift to all the contestants who will join... The happening will begin Saturday, November the 13 at 4 PM at our office (via Voghera 1/A) for a first meeting together with, among other, Guido Scarabottolo and Francesca Archinto of Babalibri. Then, at 18, the exhibition will be opened at the Santa Maria della Pietà (Piazza Giovanni XXIII, Cremona). After the show... those who wish can remain with us for the evening as well.

Last hours to vote

There are still a few hours to vote for your favorite among the 40 selected in the competition calendar Duemila11. Those who have not yet done may do it by clicking here! It also approaches the date of the exhibition of the selected works together with the special section dedicated to Guido Scarabottolo who will present his "In Praise of Laziness" (with more than 70 works). The appointment, for those who want to be there, is set for Saturday, November 13 at 4 p.m at our headquarters (Via Voghera 1 /a - Cremona) and then at 6 p.m. to Santa Maria della Pietà (Piazza Giovanni XXIII, Cremona).

Forty authors for the siesta

Recently we provided several good news: the additional exhibition of Guido Scarabottolo together with exhibition of the contest, the increase of amount of selected works, the issue of a new catalog... Now the time has come for the jury's verdict. A good news as well, theoretically, but we fear it will disappoint most of you.
Here is the list of the twelve authors selected for the calendar Duemila11:

And here are other 28 authors selected:


These are the 40 authors shown in the exhibition and gathered inside the catalog of the contest. The exhibition opening will happen on November 13, 2010 at
18 o'clock. We hope may of you will join in order to make a very big party together. On the same day the winners of the contest (both "Premio della critica" and "Premio popolare") will be announced.
The winner of the "Premio popolare" will be chosen by the visitors of our site via online voting active from now until next Tuesday, November 8th,
2010. To vote click here.
As always Tapirulan is open space where everybody can express their own opinion so that selected authors can receive everybody's compliments together with ours

update on the contest for illustrators

Honestly we did not expect that the participants in the competition were so many. The works of 541 illustrators we were first surprised, then amused, then they made us work hard for cataloging, then they put in difficulties, the jury could not pick just 30 ... So we've thought up a bit 'and we decided to expand the number of selected 30 to 40. Always a few, of course, and choice for the jury headed by Guido Scarabottolo was always difficult. There was also another problem. Anyone who has seen our calendar knows that after the 12 illustrations for the 12 months of the year there are two pages of appendix in which are published 18 other works, "reported" in most small (in size 10x10 cm). The 10 illustrations would have added further condensed those two pages, making it even smaller images ...
In short - coming to the point - we have taken another decision which we hope will please you: we have in fact decided to delete the two pages of appendix, releasing instead a real catalog of selected works. This will allow all 40 pictures chosen to have their own page in the catalog and to be published in higher dimensions. And the calendar? Well, that does not disappear! It contains 12 illustrations.
All for now, but fear not, the wait to know who are the 40 authors selected will not last much longer ... Also because the date of the show (remember: November 13!) Gets closer and closer ...

The exhibition of illustrators with Guido Scarabottolo

We believe that most of you are looking forward to knowing the results of the competition ... while you wait (hopefully short) we give you this nice piece of news: together with the exhibition of selected works of the competition, another exhibition will happen, that of our jury's president  Guido Scarabottolo! Scarabottolo's exhibition will be divided into two parts, first one at our headquarter (via Voghera 1 / a, Cremona) and second one in the same gallery where selected works will be exhibited (Santa Maria della Pietà). It is one more reason to come to Cremona on November the 13th!

Guido Scarabottolo

All illustrations are online

Scanning and sorting activity has been long and hard because number of authors participating to sixth edition of Tapirulan contest for illustration was huge. Total 541 illustrators coming for every corner of our country as well as many authors from abroad (35 different countries are represented in this contest). 541 illustrators who fill the web pages of this site with colours and passion. The moment when we open all packages, each of them revealing new ideas, is always a strong emotion for us, as well as downloading all those works who arrived via internet. After the first glance, everybody has his own favorite. "I hope this one will make it to the jury", is sometimes heard saying. All illustrations are now in the hands of the jury, who is now performing the difficult task of selecting best 30 to include in the calendar. Will you agree with their verdict? We do not know, but while waiting you can take a look at all illustrations (gallery here), so yo t can experience the emotions that we experienced. And you can choose your favorite. The gallery with all the works will always be available online. Feel free to post comments and opinions.

Entries closed

Friday night at midnight the entries to the sixth edition of the competition were closed. This year also we spent a pleasant evening with those who came to deliver their artwork at our home. We are a bit disappointed because the last competitor arrived at 23:46, not two minutes before midnight as we had hoped ... The next day we started filing the many works that came. In short, no "siesta" for the association staff  this weekend ... As soon as possible on the site we will post all the pictures to open our space - as usual - to the comments, opinions and discussion.

Illustrators contest

Cultural Association “Tapirulan”, with the sponsorship of “Centro Fumetto Andrea Pazienza” and “Associazione Illustratori”, is proud to announce the sixth edition of the contest for illustrators. Purpose of the competition is to select the thirty authors to be included in the exhibition «Gli illustratori di Tapirulan» (The illustrators of Tapirulan), to be held in Cremona from November 13th 2010 to January 16th 2011. After Tony Wolf, Milo Manara, Silver and Sergio Toppi, jury is now directed by another famous artist: Guido Scarabottolo. All thirty illustrations selected by the jury will be published on the Calendar of year 2011, which is, as well, the catalogue of the exhibition. Twelve images will be shown in full page, one per month, and eighteen more will be published in appendix. During the inauguration of the exhibition - November 13th 2010 – the first prize of 1000 Euro will be awarded to the winner. An additional prize of 300 Euro will be awarded to the author of the illustration which got most votes by users of the site www.tapirulan.it.
You can participate to the contest by sending your work in square format (minimum size 25x25 cm, maximum 40x40 cm) by September 24rd 2010 - You can as well participate by sending digital images by drawing up the specific website form www.tapirulan.it/concorso-calendario, where you can also find all the information and details about the competition itself. The theme is "Siesta". You can be inspired by the typical elements of siesta: rest, warm, shade. But siesta is also - generally - a pause, a moment of interruption of the normal flow of everyday life...

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