Privacy - The award ceremony and exhibition opening

This year too we finally made it! After many days of hard work spent preparing the exhibition, printing catalogs and calendar, fateful opening day finally arrives: December 3rd, 2011. For us it is a very exciting day because we have the chance to meet again all illustrators we knew in the past and meet new ones, who we know only for sending illustrations. To realize that so many people reached Cremona after hundred of miles is moving us, but on the other hand the concern not to disappoint the expectations increases. This year we prepared some masks in order to protect our anonymity in case something went wrong... Fortunately everything went well and therefore, in the presence of our Special Guest Roberto Innocenti, we managed to accommodate all these authors and name the winners of two awards: Barbara Petris won the Critics Prize (1000 euros) and Carlotta Montagna won People's Prize (300 euros). Here you can see the first pictures (made by Fabio Foggetti). The small news to this edition is that the calendar has 13 months including January 2013 illustrated by Roberto Innocenti in person. We would like to thank all the authors who participated, the partners who have supported us in this tortuous path (Municipality of Cremona represented  – masked – by the Councillor Nicoletta De Bona; Centro Fumetto Andrea Pazienza with presence of Valentina Mauri, the Illustrators Association with Elena Prette; Sàrmede - Images of Imagination with Monica Monachesi; Fantigrafica, Macrocoop and La provincia). Also we would like to thank Walter Fochesato, juror and author of the preface of the catalog by Roberto Innocenti; Guido Scarabottolo and Tony Wolf, who joined us, Andrea Rauch, and Ermanno Beverari and Alesandro Rabatti for their unvaluable support in the preparation of catalogs. Thank you all! The exhibition will remain open until January 29th, 2012, we recommend that you visit - we are not impartial, we admit, but we hope you will like as well…


Here we are, we committed we would spread the results on 15 November and therefore we can not procrastinate any further. The jury struggled much to make their choice: the works were so many, the subject was difficult, the interpretation was ofteen cyptic and original. It was very interesting to watch privacy from many different points of view! Always we have the thankless task of informing who was chosen and who was not. As the president of the jury writes in his introduction to the catalog: "Result of each competition is always same: in exchange for one or two contentments there is a multitude of discontent, which I hope will not take much offense". We know it won’t be like that. We know somebody will take offense, because when you believe so much in what you do, not being selected appears as a stinging defeat. And here comes the magnificent twelve:


And here you can find other 28 selected works


These 40 authors will also be included in the catalog and all the works will be exhibited starting from December 3rd, 2011 at Santa Maria della Pieta in Cremona. Along with the exhibition of "Privacy" there will be a solo exhibition made of more than 70 works by Roberto Innocenti, president of the jury and special guest of this edition. We hope to see you at the opening ceremony, where winner of the contest and the winner of popular referendum will be awarded. From now until November 25th you all can vote for your favorite illustration. Just click here. Our space is open for discussion and opinions, as always.


We could say that this year we cannot put online artists’ works for privacy matters... but such an excuse would be difficult to believe, therefore this year as well we sorted and filed all artworks. 483: one per author. And now we are ready to present all artworks and submit them to your curiosity. Here is the gallery. Enjoy yourself in finding the funniest, the finest, the most disturbing ones, or the more cryptic. You can put comments and opinions online. While you do this, 8 member of the jury, led by Mr. Roberto Innocenti will choose their favorite. Forty in total for the catalog and for the exhibition - which will happen together with Mr. Roberto Innocenti’s personal exhibition. Out of these forty, twelve will be part of the calendar Duemila12. Jury’s response will be announced within November 15.

Exhibition of Roberto Innocenti

We' re back after a short summer break with an important update on the contest calendar Duemila12. A news that we announce with great pleasure. In December in Cremona (Italy) there will be the exhibition of the jury president, Roberto Innocenti, together with the exhibition of our competition (the "Privacy"). The exibition is going to be even more interesting, we hope, because it doesn't only offer the selected works of the competition but also the works of one of the biggest international artists.
We remind you that there is still a month to submit your artwork if you want to participate! Here you will find the registration form.

Roberto Innocenti


Here we go! Finally, the competition Calendario Duemila12 begins. The subject is "Privacy". He who is not too reserved and is willing to reveal his privacy to us can submit his work within September 23rd 2011. The final exhibition, which will take place at the Cultural Center Santa Maria della Pietà in Cremona for two months (December 2011 - January 2012), will show the works of 40 selected artists. Yes, same as last year we confirm that 40 authors will be selected by the jury and, same as last year, we confirm the release of the catalog of the exhibition (by the way: here you can browse Siesta, the catalog of last year’s exhibition). Like every year the twelve best pictures will be part of our Calendar Duemila12 and the winner will win a prize of 1000 Euro. Confirmations on the hand, changes on the other: the jury is now led by Mr. Roberto Innocenti and the publishing house Kalandraka joins the jury this year. We also extend the cooperation: together with the established collaboration with Centro Fumetto A. Pazienza and Associazione Illustratori, another important institution in the world of illustration joins us: Sàrmede – Paese della Fiaba. Full regulation is available here! Come on, do not be shy!

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