Saturday, December 1st we finally inaugurated the exhibition "Buffet". Everybody was wearing a bib in order to taste exhibition of illustrations and then the real buffet made of sandwiches and pastries. There were no cases of excessive greed, but a lot of hunger to meet each other and spend a special day together. Dressed with bib was also the winner of the contest: Milena Cavallo, to whom we make our compliments as well as a huge wish to be binge of satisfaction. Dressed with bib was also the special guest of this year, Mr. Federico Maggioni, who managed to give deliver food stamps to the authors as well as inaugurating his personal exhibition "Let the party begin." And, after all, the party really began, or so it seemed to us, and we hope it started for you as well. At least it started for the winner of the People's Prize: Annalisa Bollini. At the end of so many hardships we have to thank all the guests present at the opening: the illustrators, the partners, the jurors and all the people present... Those who missed the ceremony can enjoy these photos made by Michele Prosperi and Fabio Foggetti (waiting for more come as well as the video), those who wish to visit the exhibition can do until January 272h 2013.


Stop voting online! From this moment the votes are no longer accepted. On 1 December, during the opening of the exhibition will be announced also the winner of the popular prize.

the chart

While the arrangement of the exhibition is becoming frantic, online vote for the popular prize is still available. Remember that you can vote until November 27th at 24:00. Actually we can show the chart: here it is. In order to keep some suspense we did not show the number of votes or the ranking. only top 12 are shown, in alphabetical order. We wait for you on December 1st. At 16:00, for those who want to, we first meet in our headquarter (in Via Voghera 1/a - Cremona) and then at 17:00 we go together at Santa Maria della Pietà (piazza Giovanni XXIII - Cremona) for the inauguration of the exhibition and the award ceremony. On Sunday, December 2nd at 11:00, also at Santa Maria della Pietà, a meeting will happen between Federico Maggioni and the authors, both selected or not, to create an opportunity for discussion and knowledge in order to provide space for everybody's opinion. Anyone wishing to join please contact us!

Here are the results

Here are the results of the eighth edition of Tapirulan contest for illustrators. The jury struggled in order to decide due to big amount of illustrations. But now the time has come to declare the magnificent twelve, and to praise all 600+ participants who interpreted the theme "buffet" in such different manners. Here are the twelve on the calendar:


And here are the additional 32 selected works


These 44 authors will also be included in the catalog and the works will be exhibited from December 1st, 2012 (opening at 17:00) at Santa Maria della Pietà in Cremona. Together with the exhibition "Buffet" there will be a solo exhibition of more than 70 works by Federico Maggioni, president of the jury and special guest for this edition. We hope to see you all at the opening, when the winner of the Critics Award and the Popular Prize will be awarded.
From now until November 27th you can vote for your favorite illustration. You can vote here.

Soon the results of the competition

Within a few days the results of the eighth edition of our contest for illustrators will be available online. We know that many of you are eager to see them. Just after, online vote for the popular prize will be available to users. They can vote chosing  from the 40 selected works. But fan of illustration can take note of these three events: Friday, November 16 at 17.30, at the Babele gallery in Florence, will begin the exhibition of Guido Scarabottolo "I still think" curated by Laura Accordi. Next day, November 17 at 17:00 at Fiesole (FI) another exhibition of Mr. Scarabottolo will begin, called "Under the covers", curated by Tapirulan together with the Municipality of Fiesole. Third date: on 1st December at 17:00 in Cremona will happen the the inauguration of the exhibition "Buffet" where selected works of the competition will be shown, together with the winners of the previous editions and a large retrospective about Federico Maggioni’s works,
starting from from the first illustrations for “Corriere dei Piccoli” to the most recent works such as “I promessi sposi”, “
L'arguto bolognese”, “Il cavaliere inesistente)”. Take note…


This is the most awaited moment after soporific conferences, high placed presentations, home-made presentations of varying nature. So, in the end, there is always the long-awaited buffet. Who of you never experienced as a well-deserved relief the arrival of the buffet? A table laden with all good things, or maybe just a few chips and peanuts, depending on the circumstances. Who never had to jostle in order to grab one of the last remaining sandwiches, fighting agaionst aggressive and greedy commensals? Who never tried to lure a cute girl / boy while sipping a glass of champagne? All these situations are typical for a buffet, like finding yourself embroiled in a boring conversation not knowing how to escape... The new contest of Illustration was waited like a buffet. And, as a buffet, we hope will give relief and pleasure. Also in this eighth edition people can partecipate with only one square illustration about the subject "Buffet", which should arrive before October 12th 2012. With great pleasure we announce that this year there is a significant innovation: the first prize was increased to 2000 Euros. I twill be awarded by a jury chaired by Federico Maggioni, that will also have select the 12 authors to be published on the Calendario Duemila13 as well as the 40 to be gathered in the catalog and to be exposes in the exhibition held in December 2012-January 2013 in Cremona. We look forward to receive your pictures and then we’ll set the appointment for the buffet of the exhibition!

After the privacy

Tapirulan will be present at the Bologna Book Fair at the stand of Associazione Illustratori (Pad.25, A181). Monday 19 at 14.30 you are invited to get a preview of the new edition of the competition with the presence of Roberto Innocenti who will talk about his exhibition "From head to foot " which after being in Cremona will migrate to Sàrmede. But waiting the new edition we hope you will enjoy this video of the last edition shows ... This video is by Fabio Foggetti.

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