Eden-Prorogation of the exhibition

We announce that the exhibition Eden was prolonged until February 9, 2014, so there is still a week to get in this unusual garden that consists of 48 illustrators and a special guest - Gainni DeConno - which is reserved a special feature. Also postpone the date to join the association and get the calendar for free. So what today is a double invitation to visit the exhibition and join the association. Recall, however, that the exposure is finished in Cremona, the exhibition will migrate to Genova-Nervi in the halls of Frugone Collections. In this case are yet to establish the exact dates of the exhibition, we will notify you as soon as possible.

The gates of Eden are open

On December 7th at 17 o'clock the gates of Eden were opened. A patrol of illustrators were acclaimed by a truly extraordinary audience, by several apples of considerable size, by some sticky fig leaves, by Adam and Eve in person and a snake rather agitated. In this festive and noisy atmosphere took place the opening of the exhibition of the 48 selected authors of the competition as well as the opening of the exhibition by Gianni De Conno and the award ceremony. The Prize of the Jury was awarded to Davide Bonazzi and the popular prize was won by Marco Giagnotti with a few votes more than Matteo Anselmo and Davide Bonazzi himself. The calendar was finally shown with illustrations made by Assaf Benharroch, Nicola Boccaccini, Davide Bonazzi, Maria Brzozowska, Paolo D'Altan, Mahsa Ebrahimi, Laura Massaro, Beatriz Ramirez Vaquero, Alberto Ruggieri, Karolis Strautniekas, João Vaz de Carvalho, Marco Viale. A snake was given to each illustrator by the children of primary school Trento Trieste class 1 section A. We want to say a really big thank to all those who stayed with us Saturday, who came to dinner (alas, anything but heavenly, we must apologize!), who joined the meeting on Sunday morning... We will soon offer adequate photographic and video documentation. Starting from today in our bookshop all publication presented on Saturday are available: the 2014 calendar, the Eden catalog and the catalog "Sotto, sopra, di lato" by Gianni De Conno. Remember that the exhibition will be open until February 2nd 2014 (info here) in Cremona, and then next spring in Genova-Nervi. See you all next year with the tenth edition of the award.

L'immagine di Davide Bonazzi (Premio della Critica)

L'immagine di Marco Giagnotti


Voting for the popular Prize are closed. From now on, the votes will no longer be considered valid.


Now you can vote your favourite illustration . You have to vote 2 illustrations in the 48 selected. You can vote until Sunday, December 1 at 12 pm. The author who will received more votes will win the Popular Prize of the competition (500 EUR).


Here is the first suffered verdicts of the jury headed by Mr. Gianni De Conno. Out of the 753 contestants only 48 will be shown an the exhibition in Cremona between December 7th 2013 and February 2nd 2014. These 48 authors are still in the race for the popular prize of 500 €. Online voting will begin Monday, November 25th 2013 and will close on Sunday, December 1st 2013. The 12 of the calendar are still missing, we know, as well as the winner of the prize of the jury. Those will be nominated during the inauguration. We thank once again all participants and we invite you to the inauguration of the exhibition on December 7th at 17 o' clock in Santa Maria della Pietà located Cremona. We hope it'll be once again a party of illustration!

Teresa Alberini
Matteo Anselmo
Assaf Benharroch
Sylvie Bello
Laura Berni
Ghazaleh Bigdeloo
Julia Binfield
Nicola Boccaccini
Davide Bonazzi
Federica Bordoni
Maria Brzozowska
Birsu Semra Celtek
Chiara Criniti
Paolo D’Altan
Andy Robert Davies
Susanna Doccioli
Masha Ebrahimi
Costanza Favero
Dimitri Fogolin
Anna Forlati
Ronny Gazzola
Marco Giagnotti
Rachel Haim
Laura Massaro
Stefano Marra
Daniela Iride Murgia
Nicoletta Pagano
Marco Palena
Arianna Papini
Irene Penazzi
Erika Pittis
Vessela Nikolova
Francesco Poroli
Ilaria Proietti
Rita Quattrocchi
Beatriz Ramirez Vaquero
Elisa Rocchi
Korinna Sofie Rojnic
Jacopo Rosati
Alberto Ruggieri
Stephan Schmitz
Cristina Sestilli
Samantha Sirtori
Luca Soncini
Sara Stefanini
Karolis Strautniekas
Joao Vaz De Carvalho
Marco Viale


Do you want to know how the Eden is? Want to know what's going on, what color is it? Here you will find 753 interpretations of Eden, just as many are the authors who participated in the competition. We are amazed by such participation and we thank you immensely. So, if you want, browse the gallery, browse and comment on your favorites. The next stage of the competition is fixed around November 20th, when will come out the results of the competition and you will know what are the 40 images that will end up in the exhibition and the 12 that will be published on the calendar. We would never be in the shoes of the jury ... Finally, on Dec. 7 is set the opening of the exhibition, save the date! Enjoy: www.tapirulan.it/concorso-calendario/450/498

The gates of Eden are finally closed

The gates of Eden are finally closed. Many people participated to this ninth edition of the competition, and we thank you all for this massive participation. These days we are filing all the works and as soon as complete the activity we will put all the works online, as usual, so that they can be viewed and commented on by everybody. Meanwhile we will put the jury to forced labor because on December 7th - the date of the ceremony - is not that far... By the way, do not take appointments for December 7th!
Coming back to the competition: we will put online the names of the authors selected by November 20th. After that, online vote involving only the 40 selected authors will begin.
Keep an eye on the website or check our facebook and twitter pages for updates.


Eden. What's that? Where is it? Who lives there? These are the questions that we ask to those who want to equip themselves with pencil or markers or else and answer us by sending an illustration. Is Eden a place of peace and harmony, a paradise? Or is it a risky place where you have to watch your step if you don’t want to pay the price? We look forward to your drawn reflections within October 18th, 2013, deadline to participate to the ninth edition of Tapirulan’s contest illustration.
This year’s news is that the exhibition, after two months of exposing in Cremona, will move for another 3 months in Genova-Nervi’s museums, thanks
to the collaboration of the Municipality of Genova, a partner of the competition along with the Commune of Cremona, Associazione Illustratori, Associazione Hamelin, Centro Fumetto Andrea Pazienza and Sàrmede - Paese della Fiaba. This year's jury is chaired by Gianni De Conno. Together with the other 9 members of the jury he will choose the 12 authors of the calendar, the 40 authors for the exhibition and the catalog as well as the overall winner. The winner will be awarded 2,000 euro prize and a fresh apple. The winner of the popular prize (this year grown to 500 Euro) will be decided by you all, users of our
site. But let us pipe down, Eden is waiting for us. To reach it, just read the rules...

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