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X in Genova-Nervi

Also this year, thanks to the collaboration of the Museums of Genoa-Nervi, the exhibition of the competition of illustration Tapirulan will benefit from the healthy salty air of the Ligurian coast. The 48 illustrators selected for the exhibition X and the special section devoted to Altan can be visited at the Frugone Collections in the palace of the Grimaldi-Fassio in Genova Nervi from March 1 until June 7, 2015. On February 28, at 16.30 there will be the opening. The illustrations and the famous "focaccia" we think are very good reasons for being found in the area! For more details click here.

X - Opening

Saturday, December 6 was opened the exhibition "X" with 48 works selected in the tenth edition of the contest Tapirulan and with a special section of over 200 works reserved for Francesco Tullio-Altan. Not a simple inauguration, not a simple ceremony, but also an X anniversary of the association which was celebrated along with countless friends and illustrators, and with a cake very caloric and glasses X-ray. Just for the record: the Jury's Prize was assigned to Federica Bordoni, while the Popular Prize was assigned to Matteo Anselmo. In the calendar there are illustrations by Daniel Trudu, Francesco Buzzi, Giulia Ferla, José Miguel Mayo Hernandez, Elia Colombo, Federica Bordoni, Matteo Anselmo, Marco Bonatti, Annalisa Papagna, Luca Soncini, Ronny Gazzola and Davide Baroni. We thank all those who celebrated with us, as soon as possible we will publish the usual photographs and video report. We recall that the exhibition will be open until January 18, 2015 in Cremona, and then from 28 February to Genova-Nervi. Renew the appointment next year with the eleventh edition!

The illustration of Federica Bordoni (Jury's Prize)

Illustration of Matteo Anselmo (Popular Prize)

Altan and Fabio Toninelli

Photo by Michele Prosperi


Voting for the popular Prize are closed. From now on, the votes will no longer be considered valid.


Now you can vote your favourite illustration. You have to vote 2 illustrations in the 48 selected. You can vote until Sunday, November 30 at 12 pm. The author who will received more votes will win the Popular Prize of the competition (500 EUR).

X selected

Here is the first suffered verdicts of the jury. Out of the 735 participants only 48 will be shown an the exhibition in Cremona between December 6 2014 and Genuary 18 2015. These 48 authors are still in the race for the popular prize of 500 €. Online voting will begin Monday, November 24 2014 and will close on Sunday, December 1st 2014. The 12 of the calendar are still missing, we know, as well as the winner of the prize of the jury. Those will be nominated during the inauguration. We thank once again all participants and we invite you to the inauguration of the exhibition on December 6 at 17 o' clock in Santa Maria della Pietà located in Cremona.

Matteo Anselmo
Haruka Aoki
Davide Baroni
Ghazaleh Bigdeloo
Nicola Boccaccini
Marco Bonatti
Federica Bordoni
Erica Borgato
Eleonora Busi
Francesco Buzzi
Claudio Cadeddu
César Calavera
Alain Cancilleri
Milena Cavallo
Cannaday Chapman
Elia Colombo
Fabio Consoli
Lorenzo Conti
Alessandro Coppola
Andrea Cortese
Nicolà Costanzo
Andrea Dalla Barba
James Daw
Giulia Ferla
Federico Fiorenzani
Chervelle Fryer
Pau Gasol Valls
Ronny Gazzola
Christian Gralingen
Letizia Iannaccone
Massimiliano Di Lauro
José Miguel Mayo Hernández
Chiho Nishiwaka
Sara Olmos
Annalisa Papagna
Carlo Passalacqua
Vera Pavlova
Brooke  Piche
Nadia Pillon
Barbara regoli
Alberto Ruggieri
Maasoumeh Sohbati
Luca Soncini
Ren Spiteri
Papee Thirawat
Daniel Trudu
João Vaz de Carvalho
Marco Zaini

X Gallery

After long and laborious cataloging, here is the X gallery, with the 735 X that we have received from so many authors from X countries in the world: click here to visit it. Meanwhile, the jury is working to select the authors who will be exposed in the exhibition. The results will come out around November 20. After that the online voting for the Popular Prize will begin. On December 6 there will be the award ceremony and the opening of two exhibitions in Santa Maria della Pietà in Cremona: the exhibition of selected authors and the exhibition of the special guest of this year, Francesco Tullio Altan. Speaking of guests, with great pleasure we introduce the gallery with a work out of competition, a tribute by Gianni De Conno, special guest of the last year. Enjoy it!

X-deco - Gianni De Conno 


Registration for the illustration competition are closed. We thank you all for the great participation. These days we are filing all the works and as soon as complete the activity we will put all the works online, as usual, so that they can be viewed and commented on by everybody. Meanwhile we will put the jury to forced labor because on December 6th - the date of the ceremony - is not that far... By the way, do not take appointments for December 6th!
Coming back to the competition: we will put online the names of the authors selected by November 20th. After that, online vote involving only the 40 selected authors will begin.
Keep an eye on the website or check our facebook and twitter pages for updates.


This year Tapirulan is ten years old, this is the tenth edition of the illustration competition, the theme of the tenth edition is X. Don't make that face, you heard it, the theme for the tenth edition of the Tapirulan illustration contest is X. X like the letter, X like the number 10 in Roman numerals, X like the unknown, X like goodness only knows what your wild immaginations will come up with. You've got until 17 October to participate (here's the form), with one square format illustration (you'll find the instructions in the Rules section). As in previous editions the work that is chosen will participate in the exhibition held in Cremona from December 2014 to January 2015, and in Genova-Nervi between March and June 2015. The work will be published in the catalogue and 12 of the illustrations will be chosen for the 2015 Tapirulan Calendar. There will also be an exhibition of this edition's special guest: Mister X. Who is the mysterious Mister X? The first of you who guesses his true identity will win three vouchers for a value of X euro, to spend in our online bookshop. Just write the name in the comments section at the end of this article. Ah, naturally there's a prize for the winner of the contest...we would have like this to be X euro too, but decided it really wasn't enough. Bearing in mind the importance of the celebration, we've raised the sum to 2000 euro + X for the winner of the Jury prize and 500 euro + X for the Registered Subscribers’ prize.

Mister X Concorso illustrazione Tapirulan 

Mister X - Concorso illustratori Tapirulan 

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