Tapirulan Illustrators Contest | Eleventh edition
SOS - The results

Saturday 28 was inaugurated the exhibition SOS with 48 works selected in the eleventh edition of the contest Tapirulan and with a special section of more than 100 works reserved for Beppe Giacobbe. We hope that it was a good party. Thanks to the life jacket should have saved all ... In addition to the opening of the exhibition was also held the award ceremony. The Critics Prize was won by Sylvie Bello (from France), while the People's Award was won by Chiara Ghigliazza (Italy). These are the illustrators published on the calendar: Serena Viola, Federica Ubaldo, Marco Di Prisco, Davide Abbati, Ileana Soon, Joey Guidone, Chiara Ghigliazza, Ronny Gazzola, Sylvie Bello, Anstasia Smirnova, Giuseppe Natale, Giulia Carioti. As usual we will try to post photos and videos to document the day. Meanwhile, we remind you that the exhibition will remain open until January 31, 2016 in Cremona, and from March 2016 will move to Genova-Nervi. We thank all the illustrators who came on Saturday and Sunday morning; we also thank the jury for the valuable work of selection and all the partners of the initiative. We renew the appointment next year with the twelfth edition. Every man for himself!

Sylvie Bello

Sylvie Bello - Critic's Prize

Chiara Ghigliazza - Premio Popolare 2016

Chiara Ghigliazza - Popular Prize

2016 calendar

Foto di gruppo illustratori sos

(foto di Michele Prosperi)

Il pubblico da soccorrere

(foto di Michele Prosperi)

Beppe Giacobbe col salvagente

(foto di Michele Prosperi)


Voting for the popular Prize are closed. From now on, the votes will no longer be considered valid.


Now you can vote your favourite illustration. You have to vote 2 illustrations in the 48 selected. You can vote until Friday, November 27 at 12 pm. The author who will received more votes will win the Popular Prize of the competition (500 EUR).

SOS - 48 selected illustrators

Here is the first suffered verdicts of the jury. Out of the 695 participants only 48 will be shown an the exhibition in Cremona between November 28 2015 and Genuary 31 2016. These 48 authors are still in the race for the popular prize of 500 €. Online voting will begin Monday, November 23 2015 and will close on Friday, November 27 2015. The 12 of the calendar are still missing, we know, as well as the winner of the prize of the jury. Those will be nominated during the inauguration. We thank once again all participants and we invite you to the inauguration of the exhibition on November 28 at 17 o' clock in Santa Maria della Pietà located in Cremona. On November 29 at 11 am there will be a meeting with Beppe Giacobbe and with all illustrators who want to participate.

Davide Abbati

Thomas Armagni

Sylvie Bello

Nicola Boccaccini

Adolfo Botta

Michela Buttignol

Giulia Carioti

Ilaria Castellan

Luca Cesari

Elia Colombo

Roberta Congiu

Luca Di Battista

Marco Di Prisco

Susanna Doccioli

Cinzia Franceschini

Ronny Gazzola

Chiara Ghigliazza

Laura Giorgi

Joey Guidone

Alberto Ipsilanti

Mirjana Jesic

Andrey Kokorin

Elena Leone

Omar Levada

Elisa Macellari

Michele Marconi

Daniele Melarancio

Virginia Mori

Ciaran Murphy

Stef Murphy

Giuseppe Natale

Barbara Nevano

Khaefi Ashkezari Nooshin

Simone Perin

Ludovica Perosin

David Pintor

Natalie Pudalov

Bea Ramirez

Korinna Sofie Rojnic

Olga Rosa

Giovanni Scarduelli

Anastasia Smirnova

Ileana Soon

Sara Stefanini

Federica Ubaldo

Marco Viale

Serena Viola

Adam Wasik 

SOS - Gallery

You do not know what to do on the weekend? Here is a pleasant job that will occupy your days: look at pictures of the SOS-Gallery. 695 SOS that we have received from so many authors from many countries in the world: click here to visit it. Meanwhile, the jury is working to select the authors who will be exposed in the exhibition. The results will come out around November 18. After that the online voting for the Popular Prize will begin. On November 28 there will be the award ceremony and the opening of two exhibitions in Santa Maria della Pietà in Cremona: the exhibition of selected authors and the exhibition of the special guest of this year, Beppe Giacobbe. 

sos gallery


Registration for the illustration competition are closed. We thank you all for the great participation. These days we are filing all the works and as soon as complete the activity we will put all the works online, as usual, so that they can be viewed and commented on by everybody. Meanwhile we will put the jury to forced labor because on November 28 - the date of the ceremony - is not that far... Coming back to the competition: we will put online the names of the authors selected by November 18. After that, online vote involving only the 40 selected authors will begin.
Keep an eye on the website or check our facebook and twitter pages for updates.

Tapirulan Illustrators Contest - Eleventh Edition

SOS, this is the theme of the eleventh edition of the Tapirulan illustrators contest. The registration is open until October 16, 2015. Any artist from all over the world can enrol sending a single illustration of square format (minimum size 25x25 cm, maximum 40x40 cm), made with any technique. The authors selected by the jury - chaired by Beppe Giacobbe, special guest of this year - will have their work exhibited in Cremona from 28 November 2015 to 31 January 2016 and then in Genova-Nervi between March and June 2016. The selected artist will be published in the catalog and, 12 of them, also in the Tapirulan calendar 2016. The jury will also select the winner of the competition, the first prize is 2.000 euros. The winner will be invited - in the next edition - to create a solo show in the Tapirulan gallery in Cremona. The 40 works selected by the jury will be published also on tapirulan website and all the registered subscribers will be able to express their preferential votes. The artist who gets the most votes will be awarded a 500 euros prize.

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